“Modernform x Xiaomi”

April 2024



Modernform Announces Rebranding with Exciting Spearhead Collaboration with Xiaomi for the First Time in Thailand: “Modernform x Xiaomi”
The campaign introduces the “Modernspace Series” design innovation reflecting the “New Normal” lifestyle through seamless connection of life and technology. 

          “Modernform”, Thailand’s leading furniture brand providing a comprehensive range of home and office products with creative innovation, announces a rebranding under a new concept “Sensible Solution for Modern Lifestyle” that fully integrates and reflects modern living. Unveiling a spearhead collaboration effort under Modernform x Xiaomi, the company has established the first partnership campaign with “Xiaomi”, a global technology leader with a wide spectrum of products including smartphones and smart hardware. The exciting collaboration explores “Seamless Connection of Life and Technology” with a capsule collection designed to serve the innovation of life at the digital age.

Mr. Kitipat Nerngchamnong, CEO and President of Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd., talks about the new rebranding concept of “Sensible Solution for Modern Lifestyle” that “Modernform has always been there to observe how our lives have changed through the generations and it has made us truly believe in our vision that the modern lifestyle shared by all ages and genders can be fulfilled through the complete integration of design innovation in their daily lives. This has been the inspiration and the reason we joined forces with Xiaomi, a leading force in technology and innovation, under Modernform x Xiaomi to enrich the lives of everyone. We have together co-created the “Modernspace Series” an innovative furniture collection that truly belongs to a new generation.  This collection was reimagined to reflect modern behaviors where technology is embedded in every waking moment.

Each product in the series was designed to enable seamless living in the redefined home spaces: living space, working space, cooking space, and rest space, which serves as a true reflection of the concept “Seamless Connection of Life and Technology”.

Mr. Jonathan Kang, General Manager of Xiaomi, Thailand, talked about how this great partnership has looked to redefine the way the new generation engages with technology as convenience and comfortability become a central part in their daily life. Xiaomi’s smart home and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) product portfolios are popular globally and among the young generation as innovation, quality, design and user experience are ingrained in all of its products, delivering a seamless and comfortable home living experience.

He expressed, “We are delighted to partner with Modernform to co-create the “Modernspace Series” in which different parts of the smart home are designed based on sophisticated furniture design and innovative technologies. Smart home products in this series are aesthetically enjoyable and sophisticated, and at the same time, adapted to meet the dynamic needs of modern consumers.”

This collaboration between Modernform and Xiaomi under the “Modernspace Series” truly captures and redefines various spaces in the home namely;


Smart Living Room: the living room, a gathering place for movies, games, or work has now been reimagined with new powerful capabilities to function alongside devices such as mobile phones, laptop notebooks, and other gadgets. The “M Sofa” is built completely with USB outlets for close and convenient charging, a power dock underneath the sofa accessible for cleaning robots to charge, and accessorized with a “Smart Pad”, a wooden surface designed with a square storage area for your Power Bank Wireless Charger or other devices, all available to you together in one area. 

Smart Home Office: the work space comes with beautifully created furniture that delivers pure comfort through comprehensive design namely the “M Multifunctional Table”, which is a work table that makes great use of space efficiently by being able to accommodate multiple screens, your notebooks, tablets, or mobile phone into its “Smart Sockets”. The accompanying “M Easy Chair” provides full lumbar support that can be manually adjusted to ergonomically suit your body type and a built-in “Sound Hood” which can perfectly house Bluetooth Speakers from Xiaomi with ease.  

Smart Kitchen: This era of ‘new normal’ has allowed us to rediscover our talents in the kitchen. The Smart Kitchen is designed with cleanliness and function in mind with innovation to enable us to cook with ease and efficiency. The “M Easy Cooking” kitchen set has sufficient surface area to prep and combine ingredients, with well-organized storage units, and cabinets outfitted to accommodate powered kitchen equipment.

Smart Bedroom: Wouldn’t it be good if true relaxation can still be achieved when all your equipment has its own designated place in the bedroom? Avoid disturbance of magnetic waves emitting from your electronic devices, but at the same time keep them fully charged on the “M Bed”, a King Size bed complete with a smart headboard compartments ready to fill with books, your mobile phone, etc. In addition, the headboard is lit from underneath with warm white LED lighting to provide comfort and aid your undisturbed moment of relaxation. The “M Bed” structure is also constructed with descending levels, giving you the option of installing motion censors that can light your way at night during moments where you need to get out of bed in the darkness.

Modernform has created a new commercial series to illustrate this new concept “Seamless Connection of Life and Technology” through the “Modernspace Series” collection which showcases pushing the boundaries of innovative design in furniture, providing the solution to enabling a seamless integration of life and technology. The commercial portrays redefined home spaces including living zone, workspace, kitchen, and relaxation area, through the eyes of a well-connected modern family enjoying their moments of happiness.

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