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Sensible Solution For Modern Lifestyle Sensible Solution For Modern Lifestyle

Your Modern Aspiration

In the world where people tend to enjoy lying on the couch in pajamas at home touching phone’s screen rather than writing intensely at the working desk, ordering foods via mobile application anywhere anytime, setting alarm with mobile phone feature instead of the actual alarm clock. Living in houses smaller than 100 square meters becomes more common to people nowadays. Consuming international and environmental news is widely trending, and reducing plastic use becomes a public concern. Is this type of lifestyle sounds like our parents' generation still?

This is the modern lifestyle or the new generation’s ways of life, which not only limit if you are young or a technology geek or not. You could be anyone at any age or gender, as long as you are opened for the ever-changing world and globalization, which has been developing to provide more convenience and slowly changing our ways of life completely.

At Modernform, we believe that our mission is to develop the furniture which truly meets the modern lifestyle of the modern generation, to deliver full comfort and happiness through our specialized expertise, along with our always trending creation in the ever-changing world.

Modernform furniture

The Organization of Innovative Solutions for Modern Lifestyles

Established over 40 years ago, Modernform Group Public Company Limited has been the comprehensive furniture manufacturer and distributor, covering office, home, kitchen furniture as well as the importer of furniture kits and home decors.

Modernform started the initial business by being the importer of furniture and interior equipment. In 1980, the company decided to expand major businesses to be a completed domestic furniture manufacturer by establishing a subsidiary company, Modernform Furniture to manufacture and distribute office furniture, and continuously expanded core business rapidly to cover more markets, such as home and kitchen furniture accordingly.

In 1992, the company merged all affiliated companies into one flagship, Modernform Group Public Company Limited and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Modernform Group’s goals set to be the comprehensive furniture manufacturer and distributor, to truly fulfill the distinctive needs of the customers with the creative furniture innovation and provide the highly impressive pre-sales and after-sales services to the customers.

With the over-four-decade of pride, Modernform Group Public Company Limited has been growing steadily and ready to build the ever strong and sustainable future.
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Brand vision


The most preferred Thai furniture brand for designers and owners alike
Brand Mission


Modernform will offer innovative product at international quality and sensible price, while becoming the top of mind brand with winning marketing campaign and best-in-class relationship program. We will do business with flexibility and team spirit, while caring for the communities & environment.
Core Value

Core Value :

  1. Consumer-centric
  2. Creativity
  3. Achievement
  4. Teamwork
  5. Sustainability