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Creatively designed to answer to every distinctive lifestyle, the Modernform sofas can be adjusted and fulfill varieties of customer's specific needs and styles.

Our neatly detailed production processes resulted in the perfect sofa products. Perfect in its quality, beauty, functionality, durability, and safety. Such perfection truly reflects our strong commitment and genuine care in every single step of production started from concept planning, design, material selection, kitting, and services.

With our over 40-year experience in the furniture business, we can ensure that every product we develop, we make it with our genuine understanding and true expertise on modern livings, lifestyles, and needs.

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Customize Your Material

Customer care is always our priority. We put our heart into everything we do, from material selection to providing various options for customized material matching, including fabric or leather upholstery and sofa leg types. We are to assist our customers in designing their new favorite sofa that uniquely reflects their styles and intentionally becomes the best living room sofa for the family.

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Customize Your Space

No matter the size of the house, we can offer a sofa that meets your needs with our wide range of sofa sizes and styles to fit your space. With the modular seat connection that can unlimitedly add to perfectly fill the area, plus our enlarging or reducing sofa dimension service up to 15 cm., we ensure that the furniture will maintain its beauty and functionality to the max.

Customize Your Comfort

We understand that different people prefer different levels of seat softness. Some prefer the softer and more comfortable seat, while others favor a harder one. Therefore, modernform offers our sofa products with three softness options in order to provide our customers with more choices to meet each person's preferences.

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Customize For Your Lifestyle

At modernform, we offer a variety of sofa designs and styles that can perfectly match any usage preference and lifestyle, may it be a couple or family use, or even living with your beloved pet.


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