Rhapsody is the space management concept focusing to provide workability in various dimensions according to the activity-based or working nature and functionality, with the maximum use of communal space. The idea is smartly designed to fit with any size of organization—large, small, or private sector. Highlighted on the furniture and space management concept, the Rhapsody allows complete flexibility for the customer to adjust the layout and furniture to best match with their preferred and desired styles. We believe that working in the right environment can ultimately lead to a higher level of work performance. Moreover, the Rhapsody is also the ideal answer if you look for the perfect mix-work/living, providing an excellent balance to your work, relaxation, and recreation with your colleagues.

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Public Space

The front area includes visitor meeting space, locker, and health check area for staff before entering their work zone. With this attentive layout, the public space can be used for reception, meeting space, locker, and disinfection area.

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Private Space

Separated by the nature of works and activities, the working space smartly utilized office furniture as the partitions to reduce time and cost for permanent structure and fitting while allowing more flexibility for future changes or movements. The layout is smartly designed to maximize communal space, to encourage better engagement among colleagues, may it be for discussion, idea sharing, or recreation.

Locker Staff

Located at the entrance, the locker provides an area where the staff can safely leave their personal belongings before getting to the workstation. The front space is also a perfect place to install the clock-in or fingerprint scanner, as well as the desk reservation machine.

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Disinfection Area

The forefront area is a perfect place to set health check devices, thermal scanner kiosk, or disinfection corner to ensure the safe health measurement for everyone before entering the workplace.

Lobby & Visitor Meeting

With the contact area, reception, and waiting space located at the front with a meeting room for visitors, separated from the staff workstation, the layout can help ensure health safety for internal crew and visitors.

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Concentrate & Coordinate

Provide encouraging private space for the ‘hot-desk’ type of work environment in which the staff is free to choose and change their workstations. The space design works smoothly with the seat-booking system, offering more focus and concentration for workers with the supporting office furniture that provide a convenient connection with other members when collaboration is needed.

Confidential & Focus

Provide more privacy and concentration with the semi-open and closed partitions delicately produced to absorb the noise and reduce echo. The furniture is available either for one person or group use.

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Create & Cooperate

Provide comfort and privacy for the workspace with a desk system or bench working environment with shared furniture to help encourage creativity and cooperation among colleagues.

Communication & Collaborate

Support the semi-formal to the non-formal work environment, with the communal space and office furniture innovatively designed for either waiting area, relaxation, or reception. The layout and furniture are adjustable according to utility and activities, may it be collaborative working, relaxing, and hosting recreation activities.

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Center Point

The communal space is smartly designed to encourage interaction and collaboration among staff, either for work, relaxation, or other office activities like brainstorming, seminar, team meeting, recreation, or independent working. Therefore, the dedicated communal space's furniture is created to support the adjustability and movement to best suit all the changes.

Activity Hub

The sub-communal space is the linking corner for people working in the same department or different divisions to have more interaction and cooperation either for work or relaxation. The common area is to locate the mutually used equipment like coffee station, facility station, printer, and copying machine. This activity hub can motivate interaction between staff whether for work or relaxation, making the office a better and friendlier place for everyone, which will help increase work performance and happiness.

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Provide a more organized space for idea sharing, brainstorming, and discussion with the sectional meeting room. The room is furnished with furniture that supports electronic devices connectivity and a supportive chair to provide more comfort to the participants, freshen the meeting vibe, and encourage idea sharing among them.


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