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Life and technology are soon to reach zero boundary with the first-ever co-created project by Modernform and Xiaomi.

From the collaboration of Thailand’s leading furniture brand with renowned international technology brand comes one of the most innovative furniture collection ever designed –Modernspace Series by Modernform X Xiaomi.

According to how our lives today are integrated with technology, we can automatically operate our tasks through screens, boundlessly communicate to each other through the internet or even simply order devices to work for us through voice command. The possibility of what we can do at home nowadays can range from a hosting a concert to remotely managing business. Realizing the shifts in human behavior, Modernform saw the opportunity to maximize that potential by redefining the home space.

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Modernspace Series

“What if life and technology can be connected more seamlessly?”
The question that inspired this project came from observing young generation’s behavior and noticing there were gaps that could be filled in the current form of furniture design. Pursuing the brand’s purpose to explore the sensible solution for modern lifestyle, Modernform joined force with Xiaomi to co-create the innovative furniture collection that truly belongs to the new generation.

Modernspace Series were reimagined to connect modern behaviors with today’s advancement of technology. Each product in the series were designed to enable seamless living in the redefined home spaces: living space, working space, cooking space and rest space. This collaborated project aimed to enhance the lives of the young generations under the concept “Seamless connection of life and technology.”

M Multifunctional Table

M Multifunctional Table is exclusively designed with full functionality to particularly meet the distinctive needs of the modern lifestyle, which the technology becomes more necessary, while the room space is limited.

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M Easy chair

Inspired by the simplicity of Xiaomi’s product design, M Easy chair excellently created upon the perfect proportion between aesthetics and convenience. The manual adjustment ergonomics chair can be freely customized to meet the distinctive needs and body shapes of the users. The chair is also wisely equipped with additional functions that can support the variety of ways you work.

M Multifunctional Chair

The ergonomics chair that smartly designed to support the ways new generations work and do wide ranges of activity, such as watching television, playing games, and using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The chair is perfectly equipped with manual adjustment to provide maximum comfort for distinctive body shapes and individual needs.

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M Desk

Utilize the compact-sized working space more efficiently with the minimal working desk, creatively designed with the double layer tabletop that not only provides comfort at work and tools organization but also displaying the remarkable character of the user.

M Sideboard

M Sideboard is the modular system entertainment unit, TV cabinet, and sideboard wisely designed to provide more convenience for space organization with the entertainment device supports.

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M Coffee table

Bringing the geometric shape to the design, M Coffee Table is the minimalist in design yet functional in detail. The piece creative produced with less sharp angles for safety reasons, but more with the digital support function for the modern livings.

M Station

M Station is the vertical storage station creatively designed for the modern lifestyle, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the separated space for each of the daily items, including the electronics devices which needed to be power charged, making it easier to organize your belongings.

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M Sofa

Designed to be more than just another comfy furniture, M Sofa also provides the convenience for the modern lifestyle with the electronics devices supports function, may it be for house cleaning, working, or entertainment, the item perfectly covers it all.

M Bed + M Night table

M Bed + M Night table are outstandingly elegant with the minimal design yet smartly equipped with the digital support functions, providing more than a perfect night sleep but technological fulfillment to your bedside too.

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M Easy pantry

M Easy Pantry exclusively designed to meet the new generation's urban lifestyle and support the modern kitchenware and machines, making the cooking becomes an easy task and enjoyable activity for everyone.


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